The story of God at work

Photography for your website

It’s important that the photography we use communicates who we are as a church.

Behind every church is a story of God at work.

Every image that we use should tell a story, and have one behind it. Our imagery choices need to communicate to people what we value and who we are as a church. Our photography should show diversity of age, gender, and ethnicity. It should engage the viewer as a participant, not an observer. It should depict real people living real moments.

Above all, get creative with the photography on your website to attract people to your church and put your unique stamp on this template. Some of the flavour of your community and the people within it are what will bring people to your church.

Handy hints

  • Shoot in natural light wherever possible
  • Create depth of field through foreground-middle-background relationship.
  • Capture a wide variety of angles, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Capture scope, but also draw attention to details (depth of field is helpful here)
  • Include shots containing empty or negative space for text
  • Compose in thirds - remember the rule of thirds.
  • Get in close. Don’t worry about what people think of you - get in and get the shot.
  • Particularly in church - make sure you have asked permission.
  • Shape with light - don't shoot with the sun (or light source) directly behind you - allow the light to create a more interesting photo of your subjects.

The photographs should be clear, uncluttered, tightly cropped and instantly represent the subject matter. The photographs should not have major white space areas - allowing both clarity, as well as freeing up the ability to use this photography for future collateral use.

Ask the following questions

Contrast: is there an appropriate amount of contrast?

Lighting: is it too dark or too bright? Are the important parts of the photo well-exposed?

Composition: Does it have a strong, compelling composition? Is there a good sense of depth, or does it feel flat?

Colours: are the colours appealing and harmonious?

Distractions: Is it free from clutter, or are there distracting elements that seem off when you look closely at them?

Free Photography sites

Sometimes it isn't possible to get great photos yourself, but there are a wealth of websites that you can download royalty free photography for nothing. Some are better than others and we would suggest where possible you take the photos yourself. There are even courses you can take to use that handy device you carry around with you everyday to take great engaging photos.

Here is a list of websites with free photos you can use if you need to, some you may need to sign up to for free to begin downloading what you need: